CREATE | OPPORTUNITY: Rembrand’s 4 Principles for Why

Posted by Omar Tawakol

January 24, 2023

Rembrand’s 4 Principles for Why:

  1. Un-Interruptive:
    Content wants to be free! Joy and knowledge should be accessible to all. But high quality content needs to be monetized, and doing that with annoying interruptive ads is not the only option. Because of this annoyance, many people have flocked to subscription services. This access or annoyance trade is unreasonable and everyone suffers; the consumer finds ways to skip the ads, the brand gets less access to human attention, and content creators lose potential audience. Our mission is to offer an alternative to annoying interruptive advertising, one that pleases consumers and delivers attention for brands. Our mission is to create a vibrant native monetization to audio and video content through programmatic product placement. Product placement has been around for decades but we aim to transform it and make it virtual, automated and accessible.


  2. Unleashing Creativity.
    There are fifty million creators worldwide and two million of them rely on that creativity to make a living. The content they create brings joy into so many people’s lives. Our mission is to enable creators to monetize the fruits of their labor with product placement so that they can continue to create content that is free and accessible to consumers. Until now, famous creators get access to teams that help them monetize but the vast majority of creators struggle to get access to opportunities. We aim to fix that with a solution that is scalable and automated in order to make it easy to get discovered by brands.


  3. Talent is universal.
    We believe that talent is distributed universally, we want to make sure that opportunity is also universally distributed. Over the past years competition for technical skills in a few US cities has reached a fever pitch as if the rest of the world is devoid of talent. Increasingly, this is not true. In many countries there is an increasing density of educated talent. By reaching these highly talented individuals who are hungry to make an impact– we unleash tremendous value. When talent is given opportunity, they deliver and become experienced and then inspire and train a whole generation behind them. This phenomenon is true of creators, engineers, and the whole value chain. Humans have the same potential to create. We want to unleash it universally.


  4. Augmented & Generative:
    We are practitioners of Artificial intelligence, and we believe that Augmented reality is the future that balances the familiarity of the real world with the flexibility of the virtual world. Rather than immersing people in a totally contrived metaverse, we bring the flexibility of AR into video content. We believe that Generative AI is opening worlds of text and video creation that will impact virtually every field of creativity. We want to unleash that creativity to generate photo-realistic modifications of videos (AR) that enable both monetization through virtual product placement and creativity with virtual art insertion.

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