Product Placement Will Grow Exponentially With Influencers


Posted by Rembrand Team

January 27, 2023

There is approximately $23B spent annually on product placement in movies and tv shows.  There is approximately $5B spent annually on marketing with influencers.  This highlights a unique opportunity for a rapid expansion in the area of influencer marketing as a result of product placement.  Embedding brands into high-quality digital video through a process that is fast, efficient and in the control of the creators themselves.  This is where Rembrand is launching a new category of AI-generated virtual product placement.

We see an opportunity to rapidly increase the size of the budgets dedicated to product placement in digital video of all shapes and sizes by using AI to automate the process.  This enables content creators and influencers to choose the brands they will work with, while brands have the chance to bid on these placements.  Once a match is made, all the insertion creation is executed flawlessly, seamlessly, using AI.

We see a future that looks more like this…

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