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Posted by Rembrand Team

December 22, 2022

The digital media landscape is doing some great things, but interruptive commercials are not one of them.  Interrupting the experience of a viewer is an old model, adopted from the traditional linear TV environment and it is as outdated as the horse-drawn carriage.  It is a relic whose days are only being extended because the industry can’t seem to find a better way.  We are here to let you know the answer is very literally staring you right in the face.  It is right in front of you and you most certainly noticed it, but you could determine a way to make it scale.  

Allow us to introduce you to… Rembrand.

Rembrand is the first AI Product Placement Platform leveraging AI to insert photo-realistic imagery into existing video content.  Product placement is a massive industry, generating more than $23 Billion per year  (an increase of 14% from the prior year) with $16 Million of those dollars invested in television.  It is everywhere in modern original content.  From original series like the Disney+ hit Loki (featuring Dove, iRobot, Chairman, Arm & Hammer and more) to the Showtime original Billions (featuring Cisco), product placement is ubiquitous.   Product placement gets your brand in front of an audience and integrates into a program without interrupting the flow of the content.  Users are accepting of this model far more than they are of interruptive commercials.  

  • Studies show that as many as 90% of consumers skip or ignore ads that run before a show begins.  
  • As many as 60% fast-forward or skip the ads within the content, and it would be more if the platforms allowed it (some platforms disable skipping in program).    
  • Some data suggests that product placement can increase brand awareness by 20%, and by as much as 43% when integrated into an emotionally engaging program (source: Priceconomics).  

Rembrand allows an advertiser to insert hyper-real images, video and artifacts into digital video in a post-production, programmatic format.  This dramatically lowers the cost for advertisers to be integrated and increases the opportunity for creators of all shapes and sizes to monetize their content.  Content from anywhere in the world that can reach an audience can now be monetized quickly and easily in a way that does not interrupt the viewing experience but still provides value to the advertiser.  Rembrandt’s goal is to democratize embedded marketing for the masses and make video seamless.  We want viewers to not have to sit through interruptive, “targeted” or “relevant” ads to see the content they want.  We want viewers to watch what they want, and for brands to become more associated with the content that their audience enjoys.  

Of course, product placement is an art and a science.  Our exclusive AI-driven platform enables advertisers to insert seamlessly and not overtake the content itself.  Some studies suggest that product placement which is too overt is annoying, and Rembrand knows this.  We take the artistic component to heart and ensure that the integrity of the content comes right along side the experience of the viewer.  That’s why Rembrand works for everyone, from the largest Hollywood studios and the disruptive online streaming companies all the way to the Tik Tok creators and YouTube channel owners who publish the hours of content that a viewer watches each week.

With Rembrand, advertiser and content creators can work together to craft the most seamless experience for viewers while offering the most valuable reciprocal relationship to date.  Check out Rembrand and find out what you can do in the exciting world of embedded marketing.

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