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Rembrand enables your brand to seamlessly integrate into high-quality, scalable online content featuring the best creators in the digital landscape.

For Agencies

Embedding Products In The Most Seamless Way Possible Using AI

Brands can pursue new product placement opportunities in a much simpler, easy-to-implement fashion after content has been created.

3 different products inserted into this episode of Skinny Confidential

New Balance poster for Josh Richards

Perrier inserted into Good Mythical Morning

Pepsi inserted into All Good Things

Gatorade inserted into an interview with Zlatan. Check out the AI rendering process.

Nike banners inserted into the background of a soccer training video

Maude Latour and Dropouts Podcast

Austin FC’s sponsors, added to an interview with Diego Fagundez

Urban Decay poster featured in an Alexandra Botez video

Q: Which mug is the real mug? A: The Black Kramoda coffee mug

Martell inserted with an animation “boost” in the Dropouts podcast

NomNom inserted with a bookended disclosure and coupon code. All generated with AI!

Heath and Zane Unfiltered with Organifi, with bookended disclosures

Sofia Vergara Jeans at Walmart, shown on the set of Ellen

Jason Nash and Athletic Propulsion Labs

Elijah Green with Gatorade

Social Proof with New Balance poster

Soccer tutorial with Volkswagen and Mountain Dew banners

Social Proof with Liquid Death can

Franceska Boerman with Merit Beauty

Kelsey Darragh with Garnier Posters

Amp World with Microsoft Surface