AI Product Placement

Seamless, physics-informed generative AI for product placement in original videos. All the awareness.  All the engagement.  None of the interruptions.

What is rembrand?

A new generation of online video monetization.

AI-generated, photo-realistic product insertion embedded after your videos have been created. Enable advertisers to reach your audience using our proprietary technology to fit realistically into the surroundings.


Complete end-to-end creator and brand platform


Easily, seamlessly integrate after content is created

Rembrand product placement

Why Rembrand?

Rembrand is pioneering a new way to connect creators to advertising content using a revolutionary approach to programmatic product placement.

65%+ of viewers skip

65-90% skip or ignore commercials that interrupt the video experience.

40% brand awareness

Branded product placement has proven to deliver between 20-40% on awareness and recall.

$23 billion

The product placement category delivers a significant value to content creators annually.

0% Lead Time

Product placement has previously only been available with long lead times.

Who is Rembrand?

Created by a team well-versed in creating better experiences through the use of data and AI.

Rembrand Team