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Product Placement via Generative Fusion AI

Be Part Of The Story.  Not An Interruption.

Multiple Formats Capture Attention & Tell Your Story

SaaS Platform & Marketplace For Product Placement


Basic insertion in short/long form video delivers exposure.


Custom animations highlight the brand story for impact.


Automated brand ID supports your brand sponsorship.

Rembrand product placement 555
Rembrand product placement 444

Hyper-realistic product placement inserted in post-production leveraging our Generative Fusion(TM) methodology enables your brand to be a part of the story rather than a commercial interruption that gets ignored or skipped.


AI identifies and generates insertions automatically with brand and creator approval.


Increased time “on screen”, associated with emotional moments.


Reach specific targets based on contextual or data-informed audience profiles.


Inserted in hours, via post-production, rather than weeks in development.


Creativity & Storytelling

Your brand, our content creator network.

The Marketplace

Rembrand will connect your brand through a creative brief to a massive network of creators curated across numerous categories of content.  Creators range across all shapes and sizes from individual influencers and smaller publishers to broader television networks and larger movie studios.  We can help you bring your brand to life in a way that doesn’t interrupt the content, and allows the creators to remain true to their creative vision.

Your brand, our technology.

The Platform

You own the content.  You own the brand relationship.  We supply the Foundation Model and Physics-Informed Generative AI (C) technology platform for embedding products in post-production, in a matter of hours.  Rembrand provides a simple, easy way to create new revenue streams from your content. and enable brands to be part of the story.  You get final approval on the insertion and control how and when the content is published.



Your Brand

Part of the Story

The Rembrand team has proven success in Marketplaces, Data and AI.

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