Regenerative FusionTM using Spatially-Aware AITM

The Engagement of a Sponsored Post, the Ease and Scale of a Media Buy

A new format of non-interruptive In-Scene Media that captures attention and moves your customers using Regenerative FusionTM technology. We enable In-Scene Media to be created and placed using Spatially-Aware AITM.  8x longer time-on-screen, 4x more efficient cost-per-second viewed, all while driving emotional resonance, higher awareness, higher recall and more positive consumer engagement than traditional interruptive video ads.  
Can't be skipped. Won't be ignored.
A Better Way to Advertise in Video

Attention Opportunity

8x time on screen vs. traditional video ads generates more audience engagement.

Animated Storytelling

Special animations and timely media insertions enable a higher rate of attention capture and a deeper opportunity to tell your brand story.

Reach The Unreachable

Insert your brand directly into the content, reaching premium paid users as well as users who tend to skip or ignore the ads.

Longer Time On Screen

Your brand will be in front of the audience much longer than with video ads, offering a deeper opportunity to influence your target.

Positive Engagement

Create positive consumer sentiment by not interrupting the content they love, and read the positive commentary below the videos.

Become part of the story today

Reach millions of engaged audiences without interruption

AI that powers hyper-realistic in-scene media.
Introducing Re- generative Fusion
Our Regenerative Fusion™ AI platform empowers brands and publishers to work together to monetize content and reach a targeted audience in a non-interruptive, highly impactful manner.  Brands choose channels of content in our programmatic platform where they would like to be inserted, and the Rembrand Spatially-Aware AI does the rest.  Creators create and connect with brands in our platform, and viewers get to watch their favorite shows without interruption.
Enhanced In-Scene Advertising with hyper-realistic insertions in hours.
Brands are enabled to reach their audience in a new way
Discover Targeted Brand Advertising Opportunities
Our marketplace connects brands with a large, diverse network of channels featuring the best programs in the creator economy using our CreatorDNATM tool for data-driven curation.  Once connected, brands bid, and creators approve the media, all delivered to the best posible audience.
Creator DNATM developed channels deliver audiences.
Brand safety controls to ensure your brand is protected.
Enables you to reach consumers globally.
targeted brand advertising opportunities
Publishers, creators and studios of all sizes
Unlock Flexible, New Revenue  
Create your content however you want, and make Rembrand part of your publishing process to be easily connected with advertisers willing to bid for insertions into your videos.
Approve the brands who offer to be inserted.
Maintain full creative control over your content.
Monetize all the content, not just sponsored posts or ads.
Image showing Content Creators using Rembrand Platform to unlock new revenue

Customers are seeing immediate value, and consumers appreciate the format

Customer Testimonials

"We are able to reach an audience that is traditionally unreachable with video because they pay premiums to avoid them."

Fortune 300 Brand Marketer

"The<brand> advertising was actually quite cool and subtle.  Waaay better than pre-rolls."
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@jamesbenjamin3015 on YouTube

"Wow!!! That is one of the coolest ads I have seen in a minute."
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@jusjessnthings8273 on YouTube