A New Ad Model For CTV & Streaming

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Rembrand Team
October 31, 2023
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Rembrand Team
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The usage of CTV and streaming continue to grow, becoming the primary channel for today’s consumer to engage with video content.  A recent study from the IAB confirms that, which you can read here.  The challenge is that current ad models for those platforms don’t work.  Consumers pay to avoid ads when they can, and if they can’t avoid the ads, they ignore or skip them all together.

The simple fact is this.  Consumers don’t like to have their content interrupted with ads.  This sets the stage for an entirely new form of advertising, and Rembrand is pioneering this new format.

Virtual Product Placement, or VPP, has been around for some time.  VPP is the equivalent of native ads for video.  It’s not an entirely new means of showing a brand to consumers.  It’s been around since Texaco Star Theatre.  Old product placement required products and lots of money, plus long timelines.  Maybe even a year.  Some recent tech companies use AI, but they use AI to identify where a placement can be inserted, and then employ visual effects artists (VFX for short) to create and embed those products.  That can take weeks and cost a lot of money.   Rembrand is using generative AI, or specifically what we call Generative Fusion (C) to embed Physics-Informed Generative AI (C) objects into video in post-production.  This means an object is inserted in hours, not days or weeks, and looks natural and seamless in the video.

This new method of fusing video and inanimate objects creates a way of getting your brand in front of a consumer for an extended period of time, and without interruption.  The creators can create, the consumers can consume, and the brands can, well, brand!

Oh – and did we mention this scales?

Rembrand offers both a marketplace to connect brands with creators as well as a platform solution for creators of all sizes, from YouTubers to major Hollywood studios, to embed their own objects in post-production.

This model is going to change video advertising.