Product Placement and Human Emotion

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Rembrand Team
November 3, 2023
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Rembrand Team
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Did you know that Product Placement happens in the vast majority of movies and shows you watch?  It’s there because through years of research, Product Placement has proven to work.  It creates emotional connections between the audience and the brand.  But did you know why?  Product placement in movies can be effective in connecting with the emotions of the audience for several reasons:

Association with positive emotions: When a product is placed in a movie, it is often shown in a positive light or associated with positive emotions. For example, a character drinking a particular brand of soda during a happy moment can create a positive association in the viewer’s mind, leading to a more favorable opinion of the product.

Contextual relevance: Product placement is often done in a way that is relevant to the story or setting of the movie. This contextual relevance can create a stronger emotional connection between the viewer and the product. For example, if a character in a movie is driving a particular brand of car and the car is shown to be reliable and safe, the viewer may feel more positively about that brand of car.

Familiarity and recognition: Many products that are placed in movies are already well-known and recognizable to the audience. Seeing these products in a movie can reinforce positive associations that the viewer already has with the brand, making them more likely to choose that product in the future.

Subconscious messaging: Product placement can also work on a subconscious level. When a product is shown repeatedly in a positive context, it can create a sense of familiarity and comfort in the viewer’s mind, leading them to feel positively about the product even if they are not consciously aware of it.

Overall, product placement in movies can be effective at connecting with the emotions of the audience because it leverages the power of storytelling and context to create positive associations with a brand.

Storytelling taps into the foundation of a human being, and brands can leverage storytelling to create awareness and engagement.  Product Placement is gaining in usage and popularity because of this!