A New (i.e. Better) Way To Buy Video Advertising

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Rembrand Team
February 4, 2024
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Rembrand Team
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Defining The Attention Opportunity in Video – CPM (Views) + TOS (Time on Screen)

Video advertising is not easy.  We say that because even though it is easy to get your ad messages in and around video, most of the time those message are skipped or ignored.  That means you are spending a lot of money for something that doesn’t have a great ROI.  That is, until innovation comes to video advertising.

That innovation is starting now.

We believe that video advertising needs to meet the needs of the audience as well as the needs of the brand and the publishers or creators of the content.  We think the model needs to be uninterruptive, rather than disruptive, and that it needs to be priced based on a metric that matters.

Current ad models are focused on commercial interruption (a relic from linear TV that we all agree doesn’t work anymore), display ads that surround a video or come before or after a video, or text that layers over the video.  All of these disrupt the viewing experience.  These ads are also sold on impression, views, clicks and even performance-based actions, depending on who you engage with and what budget you have to work with.  Those all add up to a complicated and ineffective experience.  You might be doing it, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a better way.

Rembrand is focused on simple pricing and a fully uninterruptive model of Virtual Product Placement.

Rembrand sells ads on a CPM View metric, or cost per thousand views.  Our CPM is lower than a fully-integrated and customized sponsored post with a creator, which can range from $75-150 CPM, but higher than a commercially interruptive ad that gets skipped or ignored.  We also report on an Attention Opportunity metric we refer to as Time on Screen, or TOS.   We believe the “Views” metric enables an advertiser to know how many people saw their ad, while the “TOS” metric helps the advertiser understand the value of how long your brand was exposed to the target audience.  Rembrand’s unique model of standard/animated/call-out functionality also ensures your brand is noticed and captures attention during the time on screen.  In this way, Rembrand is powerful because your brand is seen, it is noticed, and it is continuous in the eyes of the audience.

Traditional product placement has been sold in a similar fashion for years, but pricing in that landscape has been based on the time to build using visual effects, of VFX, artists.  VFX artists have to continuously build insertions that account for camera angles, moving views, occlusions, lighting, and more.  This means traditional product placement can balloon in price, making it hard to rationale for many brands, and impossible to scale.  Rembrand has built AI that can make all of this automated and scalable.  Our insertions can run for long durations (even hours) on screen, with no manual manipulation of the insertion.  The Generative Fusion(C) AI technology dynamically does all of this in post-production, and all in a matter of hours.  That means the solution scales better, faster and more inexpensively than traditional product placement.

CPM Views + Time on Screen (TOS) are the metrics we believe are most important for brands in this new model for advertising.

Run a campaign today and let us show you how effective we can be!