Rembrand Taps Cory Treffiletti as Chief Marketing Officer To Accelerate Rembrand’s Growth with Large Brands

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Rembrand Team
October 27, 2023
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Rembrand Team
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Treffiletti brings successful record from BlueKai, Oracle Data Cloud & Voicea as well as multiple successful stints in ad agency leadership to drive growth for this rapidly expanding channel.

Palo Alto, CA, September 26, 2023 Rembrand, the Product Placement Platform powered by Generative AI, today is announcing the hiring of Cory Treffiletti as Chief Marketing Officer.  Treffiletti rejoins a team that has been consistently successful with companies such as BlueKai, Oracle Data Cloud and Voicea, as well as his own prior experience in the advertising agency business with such early successes as i-Traffic, Freestyle Interactive and Carat Fusion.  The arrival of Treffiletti signals the rapid growth that Rembrand has seen since launch earlier this year.  Back in February, Rembrand announced its automated approach to leveraging AI to identify and insert virtual product placement at scale for brand advertisers.

“I am very excited to again work with this team,” said Treffiletti.  “We’ve seen much success in the past with our prior ventures, and I truly value the chance to do it again.  We are quickly building a new category for brand advertisers to reach a targeted audience at scale.  Product Placement offers a unique opportunity that essentially guarantees attention for brands in highly impactful content, and now we can offer it in hours rather than weeks, at scale like paid search or display advertising does.”

In a very short time, Rembrand has launched campaigns with multiple Fortune 100 brands while establishing relationships with hundreds of Content Creators who publish video content on YouTube and Tik Tok.  In these campaigns, Rembrand has proven that it can offer large advertisers a way to be integrated quickly into high-quality video content.  Initial results have shown that consumers who are seeing Virtual Product Placement (VPP) are 10x more likely to pay attention to the brands embedded in the content.  This level of awareness and engagement is more efficient and less interruptive than traditional sponsored posts.  This gives brands a highly efficient media-like’ way of integrating their products into organic content.

“Cory knows how to engage with the audience of marketers and advertisers better than most anyone else, and we have a proven track record working together on multiple businesses,” said Omar Tawakol, CEO of Rembrand.  “He was a natural for us to bring into the team to help us spur the growth of the business.”

Rembrand continues to grow the category and will be launching a number of new initiatives over the coming weeks.  Check out for updates and news.

About Rembrand

Rembrand is the Product Placement Platform powered by Generative AI.  Rembrand connects brands and content creators of all sizes, from YouTube creators to Hollywood studios, so they can insert hyper-realistic products into post-production video.  Rembrand has pioneered a solution called Generative Fusion™ that leverages AI to identify, create and insert objects that are “physics-informed” and are indistinguishable from real world objects, or can be highlighted with animations and more.  These solutions enable advertisers to become a part of the story, rather than an interruption.  Rembrand is founded by the team behind data platform BlueKai (acquired by Oracle) and AI platform Voicea (acquired by Cisco) as well as leading AI developers from Meta and Amazon. Rembrand was founded in 2022. To learn more, visit