Rembrand Unveils Self-Serve AI Studio and New Creative Units, Boosting Brand-Creator Collaborations, Engaging Consumers, and Pioneering In-Scene Media.

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Cory Treffiletti
June 17, 2024
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Cory Treffiletti
CMO, Rembrand
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Rembrand Unveils Self-Serve AI Studio and New Creative Units, Boosting Brand-Creator Collaborations, Engaging Consumers, and Pioneering In-Scene Media.

Release enables first-ever self-service solution for brands, agencies and creators to integrate In-Scene Media into their videos while expanding the creative palette with new creative units to capture attention and drive brand engagement.

Palo Alto, CA (June 17, 2024) -- Rembrand, the company focused on driving non-interruptive advertising using breakthrough AI technology, today announces two significant advancements, revolutionizing the landscape between brand advertisers and the creator economy.  

First, Rembrand is releasing the open beta for Rembrand AI Studio, the industry’s only self-service AI platform for Brands and Creators to enable fully-integrated 3-dimensional In-Scene Media through Regenerative Fusion AI ™ - a post-production process that leverages Rembrand’s Spatially-Aware AI ™.  The beta is now live, allowing creators to sign up to gain access to the new self-service solution. Users can upload a video, render a 3-dimensional media insertion, and have the AI embed the 3D object into the video. The object is rendered and animated photorealistically, capturing attention without interrupting the content. This new form of media has proven to significantly increase awareness, brand favorability and purchase intent with leading brands across CPG, Travel and Technology as well as boost tune-in for Entertainment and business leads for B2B and SMB.

Second, Rembrand is also announcing new AI creative units to offer brands  more ways to embed into high-quality creator content. One of these new creative units is the Character unit, which allows 3-dimensional, fully animated brand characters to be seamlessly embedded into videos in post-production using Rembrand’s Spatially-Aware AI. Additionally, Rembrand is launching a first-of-its-kind Hologram unit for In-Scene Media, which spawns a semi-transparent screen, enabling brands to integrate directly into and around existing video content. The Hologram transitions into a product or poster,allowing brands to remain on screen longer and create a lasting impact. These units can include motion or other imagery, and have demonstrated dramatically better impact compared to all other forms of digital media advertising by delivering positive brand engagement through positive comments on videos. Viewers enthusiastically support the brands who are supporting the creators and content they love. 

These announcements come at a time when the ad industry is struggling with ad blockers, skip buttons and a general consumer annoyance with advertising. Rembrand CEO, Omar Tawakol says, “Consumers don’t want their favorite content to be interrupted with ads. For decades the industry had adopted a more native way of getting brands placed into content but that required a very heavy lift . Now, with AI we have a scalable way to place brands in-scene that is as scalable as any media campaign.”  

Rembrand believes these new features, which take advantage of the AI advancements being pioneered  by the Rembrand development team, will enable a ten fold increase in the investment towards In-Scene Media over the next 12 months while also decreasing the gap between Brands, Agencies and Creators. The data has recently shown that out-of-the-box creative units are significantly more effective at capturing attention, breaking through the clutter, and driving engagement with consumers. You can also learn more about Rembrand by visiting

About Rembrand:

Rembrand has pioneered the use of Regenerative Fusion™ as a solution leveraging its proprietary Spatially-Aware AI™ to enable In-Scene Media. In-Scene Media is a non-interruptive, unskippable, unblockable, and scalable solution for bringing Brands into high-quality Creator content in a programmatic fashion. Brands receive maximized efficiency for time on screen, also reaching audiences that pay to avoid ads altogether. Creators receive a way to incrementally monetize content without high-friction engagement directly with Brands. Rembrand is founded by the team behind data platform BlueKai (acquired by Oracle) and AI platform Voicea (acquired by Cisco) as well as leading AI developers from Meta and Amazon. Rembrand was founded in 2022. To learn more, visit

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