8x longer time on screen. 4x more efficient.

AI-generated In-Scene Media ensures your brand
captures attention without being skipped. It also improves your overall video completion rate by as much as 5x when compared to standard video.

Introducing a new form of advertising.
This is Rembrand.
Rembrand launched a new format of non-interruptive In-Scene Media that captures attention and moves your customers. Using our proprietary Regenerative Fusion AI (TM) technology, we enable a seamless post-production placement for your brand into high-quality video content. You reach a highly engaged audience in a way the audience appreciates. Our placements call attention to themselves with unique animations, but are otherwise hyper-realistic and nearly indistinguishable from real objects present during filming. You get a longer time-on-screen at a more efficient cost-per-second and the impact of our placements can have a massive impact on improving the effectiveness of the rest of your campaign. Find out more below, or click and schedule a demo.
Enhanced In-Scene Advertising with hyper-realistic insertions in hours.
What we do?
Discover Targeted Brand Advertising Opportunities
Our marketplace connects brands with a large, diverse network of channels featuring the best programs in the creator economy.  Once connected, brands bid, and creators approve the media insertions.
Channels based on audience demographics.
Brand safety controls to ensure your brand is protected.
Enables you to reach consumers globally.
Exclusive animations to capture attention for your brand.
Image showing ideal set up for content creators to make the most out of Rembrand
How it works?
Easy and scalable as any media buy.
Going live with Rembrand is no different than how you buy media through any other platform. We do all the work of connecting your brand with the audience through a vast list of creators who have agreed to allow Rembrand media into their content. Both sides - you and the creator - get final approval, and your brand is never placed anywhere without yor permission.
Provide a brief detailing audience and objectives.
Provide a 2D brand image to be rendered as media.
Allow Generative Fusion to work, and approve the final.
Image showing Content Creators using Rembrand Platform to unlock new revenue
Why brands choose us?
A Better Way to Advertise in video

Attention Opportunity

8x time on screen vs. traditional video ads generates more audience engagement.

Animated Storytelling

Special animations and timely placements enable a higher rate of attention capture and a deeper opportunity to tell your brand story.

Reach The Unreachable

Insert your brand directly into the content, reaching premium paid users as well as users who tend to skip or ignore the ads.

Longer Time On Screen

Your brand will be in front of the audience much longer than with video ads, offering a deeper opportunity to influence your target.

Positive Engagement

Create positive consumer sentiment by not interrupting the content they love, and read the positive commentary below the videos.
Schedule a demo and find out how we work with some of the best brands.