Find your Audience, Attention Guaranteed

The Rembrand Marketplace connects Brands with Content that can supported withEnhanced In-Scene Advertising.   Our brand insertions cannot be skipped, cannot be ignored, and absolutely capture attention.  Insert your brand or product, and use special animations to draw attention and tell a story, tapping into the emotional connection of the content itself.

Rembrand Marketplace for Ai powered In-Scene Advertising
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A Targeted Audience

Channels that aggregate high-quality content from some of the top independent creators globally.

Otherwise Unreachable

Delivers to audience that pays for premium solutions that offer commercial-free programming content.

Captures Attention

Utilizes animations and disclosures as ways of calling attention to the insertions, and ensuring attention.

Become part of the story today

Reach millions of engaged audiences without interruption.

Brands and agencies can reach and audience without being skipped

Insert your brand into the story

Choose the channel

Choose the channel

Rembrand will connect you with the right audience to meet your campaign objectives.

Insert your brand in In-Scene Advertising

Insert your brand

Let our AI solution construct, insert and render your brand into high quality video on YouTube and TikTok.

Measure the impact

Measure the impact

Longer time on screen and more efficient than standard ads, you drive consideration and actions.

Creators and publishers can monetize content mor easily

Monetize your content

Supplement sponsored posts

Supplements sponsored posts

If you already get some of your content monetized with Sponsored Posts, that's great. Let Rembrand supplement the rest of your videos with targeted Virtual Product Placement.

Maintain artistic integrity

Maintain artistic integrity

As a content creator, you should focus on the content. Don't worry about creating for the advertiser. Let Rembrand embed targeted ads in post-production, enabling you to focus on what you do best.

Grow your content business

Grow your content business

Sponsored posts are great, but they can be difficult to get, and even more difficult to manage. For the rest of your content, use Rembrand in post-production and generate revenue now.