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In an era where Artificial Intelligence is shaping industries, Rembrand presents a revolutionary approach to unleash creativity in the world of content creation. We believe AI can fuel creativity, and our mission is to empower content creators, including YouTubers, TikTokers, and Podcasters, to connect with major brands and monetize their content like never before while providing advertisers a scalable way to reach a heretofore elusive audience.
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The Rembrand Advantage

In-Scene Media

Rembrand utilizes cutting-edge AI to seamlessly integrate branded media and virtual objects into videos. This allows content creators to effortlessly partner with major brands, giving them the opportunity to earn from their original content without disrupting their creative flow.

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Traditional VFX product insertion can take weeks, but Rembrand's AI can place virtual media within hours, ensuring your content remains relevant and can be monetized immediately.


We handle large volumes of content, making it possible for thousands of creators and brands to collaborate daily. Our marketplace scales to the needs of both equally.


Our AI understands the laws of physics, detecting the environment, surfaces, and camera angles to realistically place media objects within a video scene. No more distracting overlays.

Easy to Use

Leveraging Rembrand's Technology

Increase brand awareness and audience engagement with our innovative solution.

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A new revenue stream for creators & publishers

The Rembrand AI

Identification: Rembrand's AI is a highly sophisticated engine that transforms videos with virtual object insertion in a seamless and natural manner that calls attention without being annoying or interruptive.
Virtual Media Creation: We construct a 3D model of the branded object and determine the optimal placement within the video while adhering to real-world physics.
Dynamic Integration: Virtual branded media can even interact with the video, adding exciting elements like products that react to events or magical transformations.
Additional monetization of your content

Creators & Publishers

Upload: Easily upload your video content through Rembrand's platform or our embedded plug-ins inside Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.
Download: After media insertion, download your video with brand integration in the original format, including project files.
Monetize: Track the performance of your monetized videos through Rembrand's Monetization dashboard and receive payouts linked directly to your bank account.
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Enhanced In-Scene Advertising with hyper-realistic insertions in hours.
Reach an audience with a new way to engage

Brands, Agencies & Advertisers

Product Setup: Upload product images for us to create 3D models. Customize and confirm assets for your campaign.
Target Audiences: Select your target audience, budgeted CPM, and launch schedule. Choose from various content categories and creators to promote your brand.
Video Approvals: Customize brand safety checks and enter keywords to ensure the right fit for your brand.
Brand Performance: Monitor campaign views, product visibility, audience demographics, and mentions in the dashboard.
Easy to use workflow

Generative Fusion™ Creates Revenue for The Creator Economy

Rembrand leads the industry with the flexible application of Generative Fusion™ AI, adapting seamlessly to diverse use cases. For brands, our AI operates under a variety of different business models, including ones aligned to media-campaigns and to SaaS platform pricing. Through this seamless delivery of Generative Fusion™ AI, Agencies and publishers can harness Rembrand’s AI to help creators monetize their content, while major studios and streamers can leverage our API for product insertions and tailored placements, ushering in a new era of advertising versatility.

For Brands & Advertisers

Access Rembrand's AI through a SaaS model to streamline in-scene media for your own brands and creators.

For Agencies & Networks

Enable creators to monetize their content under your umbrella using Rembrand's AI.

For Studios & Publishers

Major studios and streamers can use Rembrand's AI via an API to execute product insertions and customize media.

Proprietary AI layered into industry LLMs to provide new solutions

Execution of In-Scene Media uses 4 components

Execution by Rembrand is completed via 4 Components, commencing at the video production phase and incorporating advanced AI technology for a refined and controlled Generative Fusion™ within videos.

1. In-App Experience

Rembrand's proprietary in-app technology drives the overall process, offering unparalleled control and an enhanced Creator experience. This technology facilitates the efficient transfer of video content to computational servers for automated AI-driven placement. The results are returned as lightweight files, easily integrated into the editing project for the final video render.

2. Autopilot for Contextual Augmentation

The Autopilot feature processes videos uploaded by Creators, intelligently identifying the contextually appropriate segments and spatial areas in the video for optimal virtual augmentation (patent pending). This is achieved using advanced 2D and 3D visual perception models that are capable of video and object segmentation, understanding physical environments, and combining audio-visual cues for context awareness. This deep contextual insight is crucial for aligning Creator content with virtual products, pinpointing ideal moments for product animation to maximize brand value.

The image below shows multiple views of a creator’s set as the AI works to determine camera movements, scene geometry, materials, and lighting conditions.

3. Controllable Generative Fusion™

The challenge of placing objects in a visually appealing and photo-realistic manner is addressed by Rembrand’s Generative Fusion™ technology. It accurately matches camera movements, scene geometry, materials, and lighting conditions to ensure products appear as they would in real life. This technology advances current generative models, offering tailored adaptations to each Creator’s setup and control mechanisms to steer clear of unwanted AI generations, ensuring that AI training is not leaked into generated video content.

4. Quality Assurance

The final stage involves an automated verification component. It utilizes both generative and perception models to evaluate the quality of the augmented content and to identify any shortcomings in the previous stages. The outcome of this component is used for further optimization of the generated video. In short, Rembrand takes an existing video (leaving the artistry of the video up to the Creator) and inserts an existing product (leaving the message of the product up to the Brand), but leverages complex AI mechanisms to eliminate the annoying and time-consuming process of manually merging the Brand's product into the Creator’s video.

Behind the scenes

How Media Is Placed

Identifying the Best Shots

Our AI groups camera shots, determines screen time, and identifies the best spot for product placement within the frame.

Handling Occlusion

For moving objects in the foreground, Rembrand estimates masks to ensure virtual products obey the laws of physics.

Creating a 3D Scene

Our AI considers camera positions, surface orientations, materials, and light sources to render a 3D scene that seamlessly integrates 3D objects.

Automated Workflow

Our AI provides a scalable and automated solution for brands to find sponsorship opportunities.

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Reach millions of engaged audiences without interruption

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