In-Scene Advertising as easy as 1, 2, 3

The Rembrand SaaS Platform enables larger publishers, studios, networks and agencies to create their own, new revenue stream featuring Enhanced In-Scene media.  Rembrand provides you the platform, and your sales team works directly with brands on hyper-realistic integrations into your content.  All insertions happen in post-production, so it’s a shorter lead time and easier integrations, enabling you to create content how you like.

You work with brands

Work directly with brands for media insertions in post-production, so it doesn't impact your production schedule.

Control the insertions

You drive the AI media, determining which shows, at what points in the show, will be monetized. Then let the AI render the insertions.

Rembrand enables your brand virtual product placement in videos of all sizes
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Enhanced In-Scene with…
Enable your team to
bring in new revenue
from existing content
In-scene media can be embedded in new shows as well as in previous programming, making your entire library monetizable in a new way. Since you control the platform from which to play your content, you can rotate in new advertisers on a weekly or monthly basis, creating replicatable revenue from content you already own.
New Revenue from Existing Content
Enhanced In-Scene with…

Virtual In-Scene Media delivered through AI

Rembrand is the only Regenerative Fusion AI provider capable of enabling you to start monetizing your video content with embedded media in a white-labeled software solution. With Rembrand, your sales team can begin monetizing your entire library in a matter of minutes.
Seamless Insertion in Post-Production

Seamless insertion in post-production

Our solution enables In-Scene media nsertions in post-production, so there's no impact on development and you can sell sponsorships after the content is created.

You own the content and relationship

You own the content, and the relationship

You own the content, so you should own the direct relationship with the advertiser. No intermediary network gets in the way. You work directly with the brands you want, when you want.

Control which brands match with your content

Flexibility to control which brands, where

The AI enables you to place an advertiser in the content, and once the campaign is over, you can take them out and/or rotate in a different advertiser. You own the platform, and you can own the integration.

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